Earlobe Rejuvenation


Earlobe Rejuvenation - A non-surgical procedure by Dr A G Rippon

Have years of wearing earrings along with loss of collagen taken its toll on your earlobes? Are they perhaps elongated and saggy?    If so we can help

You see, as the skin ages in both men and women, it loses the collagen that helps to shape and support it. This coupled with years of wearing earrings can leave many people with softer, floppy and deeply grooved earlobes. Although many men and women turn to medical aesthetic practitioners when they want to rejuvenate and restore their youthful appearance of their face, neck, hands and décolletage, they often forget the appearance of their earlobes.

Luckily here in Cumbria, International masterclass trained Doctor Adrian Rippon, Medical Director of Rippon Medical Services Ltd, uses dermal fillers as a technique to replace this lost volume, helping to firm up and reshape the ears.

The hyaluronic acid volumisers in dermal filler mimic the effects of naturally occurring collagen by plumping up this loss of collagen. By injecting dermal filler precisely into areas of the earlobe with a fine needle, Dr Rippon can safely add volume to the earlobe, smooth out lines and creases, and minimise the appearance of large piercings, effectively rejuvenating this area. The results can last up to a year and you can be wearing those great earrings again as little as a week after the procedure. Dr Rippon applies a topical anesthetic to the earlobes prior to the injections to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

If you have noticed that your earlobes are beginning to sag, your piercings are stretched out, or lines and creases are starting to form, you may be suitable for earlobe rejuvenation. Contact 01228 791447 or book a consultation online with Dr Rippon.


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Saturday, 28 November 2020

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