Investigators from The Times claim some UK doctors are in breach of botulinum toxin guidelines.

Investigators from The Times claim some UK doctors are in breach of botulinum toxin guidelines.

The Investigation which was reported about in Aesthetics Monthly (journal for medical aesthetic professionals), found that some doctors in the UK are providing botulinum toxin prescriptions to third-party beauticians without having face-to-face consultations with patients, which is an industry requirement, set by the General Medical Council (GMC). According to The Times and Professional Standards Authority regulated Save Face discovered several beauty salons in England and Wales that were prepared to inject patients with botulinum toxin in minutes for less than £200.00, without consulting with doctor first. In some places, not even a consent form signature was required if the patient said they were 'not allergic to anything'. Director of Save Face, Ashton Collins, said the body has received several complaints and reports from Save Face members regarding this issue. Ashton Collins said Save Face is calling for an amendment to the prescribing guidelines to instruct all non-prescribers to disclose the full name and details of the prescriber on their websites to offer the consumer complete transparency. "Enforcement should also be made requiring medical practitioners to provide details of their full names as they appear on their respective statutory registers so that their credentials can be verified," said Collins,"all too often there are spurious references to doctors and other medical professionals who only make reference to their first names which in reality could be anyone and are often bogus practitioners".


We are the most Advanced Aesthetic Clinic in Cumbria. Treatments are carried out by Dr Adrian George Rippon registered with the General Medical Council, an Associate with The British College of Aesthetic Medicine and who is on a registered list of safe aesthetic practitioners, Governed by Professional Standards Authority, Save Face.  Dr Rippon works full time at the clinic and offers all his patients full access to his aftercare policy.


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Thursday, 03 December 2020

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