3D Vectoring - The Liquid Facelift

3D Vectoring – The Liquid Face Lift

Rippon Medical Services offers 3D Vectoring which gives the face lift, without the use of cosmetic surgery.

As our face ages, we get volume loss in parts of the face resulting in skin laxity and subsequent, sagging skin.

To help correct this, our Advanced Aesthetic Doctor uses Radiesse®, which is a product used to volumise the skin, and stimulate collagen production.

Collagen is very important in supporting our skin, to prevent laxity and sagging. This stimulation given by Radiesse®, continues, for several months.

Radiesse® is injected though cannulas to help volumise and lift the face.

To find out more information about this amazing Non-Surgical, ‘Liquid Face Lift’ please follow the link to the Radiesse website: http://www.radiesse.com.

3D Vectoring - Liquid Facelifts in Carlisle, Cumbria


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