Removal of skin lesions information

Removal of skin lesions information

Rippon Medical Services Ltd, provides a Minor Skin Surgery Service for the removal of skin lesions such as moles, cysts, lipomas, skin tags and sebaceous warts.  Minor skin lesions are no longer removed on the NHS unless they pose a significant danger to your health.

Dr Rippon is a highly experienced local General Practitioner and Medical Aesthetics Practitioner who has specific expertise and experience in this field. All consulting and surgical facilities and consumables including surgical treatment room, surgical instrumentation, local anaesthetic, dressings, biopsy assessment of lesions where appropriate, together with follow-up appointment.  Reporting direct to patients’ registered GP to ensure completeness of patient records.

Rippon Medical Services Ltd, uses a leading provider of cellular pathology with a reputation for providing a high-quality, end-to-end diagnostic service which is streamlined and secure.  Fully CPA accredited, the cellular pathology services employ a team of highly specialist consultant pathologists covering all pathology sub-specialities. Turnaround times for most non-urgent cases are 3-5 Working Days (from laboratory receipt of the specimens).

Making a referral is easy. Please send your private referrals to Dr A G Rippon, Medical Director, Rippon Medical Services Ltd, 2 Spinners Yard, Fisher Street, Carlisle, Cumbria. CA3 8RE or email Private patients may also self-refer by telephoning our patient care line on 01228 791447 to make an appointment for a consultation.


Your appointment includes a consultation with Dr Rippon who will discuss your general health and current medication.  He will then explain the procedure and discuss whether there is a likelihood of recurrence and scarring and how to prevent infection.


Prior to any treatment being carried out you will be consented for the procedure and you will be asked after consultation to sign a consent form.
Local anaesthetic

You will be awake throughout your minor operation and usually can ask questions while it is taking place.  You will feel an initial sting from the local anaesthetic injection.  The anaesthetic will wear off after a few hours and you may wish to take paracetamol if you have any discomfort, which is usually mild.

The Procedure

Dr Rippon uses a variety of techniques to remove skin lesions including excision and cautery.  The procedure sometimes involves stitches.  You will be offered a follow up appointment for a wound check and removal of your stitches.

After your appointment

Although it is unlikely that your lesion represents a danger to your health, we may send it for examination and let you and your GP know the result as soon as we receive it.  You will also be send you a patient satisfaction questionnaire which we hope you will return to us.


Most scars will be pale but occasionally they can become pigmented or darkened.  Scars will usually fade but can persist.  The degree of scarring depends on your age, where the lesion is and whether there is infection.


There is a very small risk that the lesion may return after treatment.  This can occur with any lesion but is most common with sebaceous cysts and lipomas.  This will be discussed during the consultation.


There is an extremely low risk of post-operative infection for this type of surgery.  You will be given information about post procedure wound care.

Please call Rippon Medical Services Ltd. for more information on 01228 791447


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