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Discount Policy


Rippon Medical Services Ltd Discount Policy

Rippon Medical Services Ltd has a definitive policy with regards to the pricing and discounting of medical and surgical treatments.

All Rippon Medical Services Ltd treatments and procedures are competitively priced and in line with industry expectation, fairly representing both the needs of patient and business. Treatments, and similarly courses of treatments, are often bespoke, and therefore priced based on an individual's goals and expectations after an extensive consultation process.

We believe in providing the highest level of attentiveness to our patients, and are serious about our duty of care. As a result of this, we work extremely hard to ensure that pricing is always a fair and appropriate representation of this.

In the interest of patient/doctor relationship, we would request that our patients do not enter into negotiations for discounts and would like to ensure all of our patients that prices are regularly standardised across the cosmetic industry.